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  • 11 Aug 2016 11:56 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)


    On Friday 5th August the MECC were hosted by the Sandringham Club for the annual Golf challenge played at Sandhurst. The Challenge commenced some 9 years ago and each year the hosting club has been the victor and so that continued this year. The Sandringham Club had 20 players with the MECC being represented by 11 players with the best 8 scores from each team in a stableford competition to be counted. Thus we were only able to drop off our 3 worse scores where as they were able to drop of their worse 12 so our backs were against the wall before we even hit off. That said all of the 11 MECC players performed admirably and until their last group came in I thought we may have pulled it off. This was not to be with their top eight scores averaging 35.375 with ours sitting on 34.375.

    The best score of the day was had by a MECC member with Damain Troy having a superb 42 points. 3 other scores worth a mention were Chris Bussau with 36, Darren Nelson also on 36 and Ian Chadderton with 35.

    Other players who made up our team are as follows and I’d like to thank them for taking the time and performing so well on behalf of the MECC. The team camaraderie was fantastic and went a long way towards us nearly pulling off an enormous upset.

    Matt Troy ,Jamie Foster, Kristian Bussau, David Hunter, Andrew Stonnill, Graeme Peacock, Craig Wells

    It is our turn to host next year and will be around the same time with the likely venue to be Long Island. So to all those members who enjoy a round of golf it would be great at the time for you to make yourselves available and assist us in winning back the cup.


    Craig Wells

    MECC Golf Convenor

  • 09 May 2016 8:48 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

    MECC Vs Sandy Club 6/5/16 

    Sandringham Club  2 wins

    MECC                        4 wins

    The Silverware is BACK in the Mount Eliza Country Club!!

    The MECC Team

    Declan Gogarty, Chris Bussau, Michael Edwards, Nigel Lowe, Steve Byrne, Greg Shenton, Adam Hollioak & Phil Hughes

    1/ singles ………….Declan      (57)   defeated Bob     (37)

    A very professional and calculated game by Declan. Behind early, he went ahead with a very good snooker & some fine pots. The lead was not massive, and Bob made a determined comeback - but Declan snuffed him out on the colours.

    2/ singles…………..Chris         (44)   defeated Ted      (38)  

    Mt Eliza were 19 points ahead going into the colours - Ted potted yellow; green; brown; blue and pink, to go 1 point ahead. A fortuitous (team members have used other adjectives!) black into the middle pocket from the back cushion, sealed the win for Mt Eliza.

    3/ singles………...Michael      (34)     lost to Bill         (69)  

    Behind early, Michael made a spirited comeback with a 25 break - but Bill broke away again & won comfortably.

    4/ singles………….Nigel          (58)   defeated Doc     (25)

    It was the Doc’s Birthday, but Nigel spoiled the party with a very competent potting display.

    \The Doc is always capable of a comeback, but Nigel played too well to allow that to happen.

    5/ doubles..   Steve & Greg      (35)   defeated Peter & Richard    (22)  

    Facing two difficult opponents, the game was very tense and even early-on. Steve & Greg then created a small cushion on the scoreboard. The lengthy game was timed out, due to a restriction imposed by Sandringham - Mt Eliza needed only one more ball to seal the win anyway.

    6/ doubles..   Adam & Phil       (37)      lost to Justin & Gary           (45)

    This was a good match, with Justin playing exceptionally well. Adam & Phil stayed in the game with safe play & some good potting. Needing the last two colours to win - the game was lost, when Sandringham potted the pink ball to go 8 points ahead.

    It was a really great night on Friday – obviously enhanced by the win.

    Thanks also go out to Jim Byrne, Tony Byrne, Jules Cole & George - - - - , who travelled to Sandringham to support the team

    CONGRATULATIONS to ALL players on the winning team!!

    And to those players who missed out on selection:

    It is the fierce competition for places in the side, that has helped create this win.

    The Cup is back in it’s rightful spot, after too-many years away.

    Let’s make sure that it STAYS here!

    Chris Bussau

  • 28 Sep 2015 11:26 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

    MECC Snooker team meet Sandy Club on 25th of September for the biannual Snooker comp on home turf.

    Without much success in past few years, the MECC boys where fired up for a big win. New club logo shirts and

    practice sessions in past few week had the boys chomping at the bit for a win and to regain the trophy.

    In what was a very close match, the meet saw a 3-3 result with a tie breaker to decide. MECC's number 1 player

    Declan Goharty was chosen to play Bob from Sandy Club. In a thriller Declan unfortunately didn't get up, and saw

    Sandy Club retain the trophy. Well done to the team for preparing and competing, we will get them next time!

  • 17 Dec 2014 3:20 PM | Matthew Kirk

    The 2014 Snooker; Pool and Billiards Competitions were completed last night.
    Well done to all those who took part – the Club benefits from your involvement, and the camaraderie amongst the players this year, has been terrific.
    Congratulations go to the finalists and winners, who are listed below.
    The competition was fierce this year – many results were very close, and there could have been multiple winners for each event.
    Snooker Singles Championship                                        Event Winner/s
    Steve Byrne v. Michael Edwards…………………………………….    Michael Edwards
    Snooker Handicap Singles
    Jim Byrne v. Paul Abel……………………………………………………     Paul Abel
    Snooker Doubles
    Matty Troy/Tony Byrne v. Jim Byrne/Matty Kirk……………     Jim Byrne/ Matty Kirk
    Pool Singles
    Dennis Harvey v. Paul Abel…………………………………………….     Paul Abel
    Pool Doubles
    Matty Kirk/Nigel Lowe v. Tony Byrne/Shane Hubner……..     Tony Byrne/ Shane Hubner
    Alex Wright v. Chris Bussau……………………………………………     Chris Bussau
    We look forward to the 2015 competitions.
    There are also some “round-robin” type events in the planning stage for early next year.
    These will be on Mondays & Tuesdays at the Club
    Look out for emails regarding the format and timings
    Merry Christmas to all
    Look forward to seeing you all, at the snooker/ pool tables next year!!

  • 17 Jul 2014 10:28 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

     Members Update

    As discussed /outlined at the EGM, we continue with initial discussions with various clubs ,regarding possible mergers.
    It is still our sincere hope and main aim to retain the MECC in its current form, however it would be remiss of your committee not to research all avenues that may be available to us.
    In a recent meeting with the Canadian Bay Club we offered the below, as their clubhouse is closed during extensive re-building/renovations, this will benefit both clubs in the interim.
    We are pleased your club will take up our offer of complimentary access to our club for trial period.

    All that is required is to show your members CBC medallion to staff at the bar on entry and record names.

    Full facilities will be available to your members including full size billiard table, three quarter pool table, darts, including all drinks at very low member rates .

    We also welcome all your members to any social events dinners, luncheons, golf days etc, we shall advise all coming events shortly.

    Starting this Friday night we have a Chinese night $15 per head.  Food includes Sweet and sour fish, honey chilli chicken, steak and black bean, hoi sin pork, broccoli in honey sauce, cabbage and sesame seed, cauliflower and fish sauce, steamed rice. 6.30 start. Open fires to keep you warm, back ground music and best priced drinks in town, come along and enjoy the atmosphere and meet and mingle with our members.


    Please make all their members welcome.

    We again remind you all that your attendance and support of your club is paramount to its very survival in the very near future ,so please get behind all club activities where possible.


    MECC Committee

  • 02 Jun 2014 9:36 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

    Golf Day Report
    MECC v. Sandringham Club Annual Golf Challenge
    Date: Friday 30th May 2014
    Venue: Metropolitan Golf Course

    Our Team                                                  Our Team’s Results (Top 8 Scores Count)
    Steve Batty                                               Chris Bussau…………………..32 Points
    Chris Bussau                                               Damian Troy…………………..31
    Kristian Bussau                                           Steve Batty……………………30
    Peter Conroy                                              Kristian Bussau………………29
    Jamie Foster                                              Frank Peacock………………..29
    Brett McEwing                                            Brett McEwing……..……….29
    Frank Peacock                                             Craig Wells…………….………25
    Andrew Stonhill                                           Peter Conroy……….………..25
    Damian Troy                                                Ron Turner
    Matty Troy                                                 Andrew Stonhill
    Ron Turner                                                  Alex Wright
    Craig Wells                                                 Matty Troy
    Alex Wright                                                Jamie Foster

    The four previous events held between our two Clubs, have all been won by the “home” team – results currently being 2-2
    Our turn to play “away” this year at the beautiful, if not daunting, Metropolitan Golf Club.
    The weather proved to be perfect on the day, and the course was in great condition - save for the greens, which were having some work done to them.
    Our 13 man MECC team faced a daunting challenge - competing against a 22 man Sandringham team.
    The amount of scores that counted, was reduced from 10 to 8 in order to give us 5 scores to drop off, instead of only 3.
    This still left our opposition with a massive advantage, having their 14 lowest scores able to be discarded.
    With some of our top golfers unable to play - this proved to be the difference.
    With a combined stableford total of 230 points we went down to Sandringham’s score of 256 points.
    The day was nevertheless, a superb one!
    We teed off rather late, which meant that it was a bit of a rush to ensure that the players last to tee off - got in before dark.
    Everyone from both sides enjoyed the day, regardless of their performance on the golf course!!
    My thanks go out to the members who form the nucleus of our side time & time again:
    I speak of: Craig, Matty, Alex, Frank, Brett, Steve and Ron (who played despite school pick ups later in the day)
    Thanks to Peter (back from Queensland) and Andrew for putting their hands up to compete for the MECC team.
    Thanks to Matty, for getting Brother Damian to play - and a big “thanks!” to my Son Kristian, who also agreed to play on the day.
    Both Damian & Kristian had scores that counted – well done to both of them!!
    Finally to Jamie - thanks for joining in – good with the verbals, not so good with the clubs on the day!!....however
    For those looking at the results table – Jamie did not win the NAGA award – this went to a Sandy player!! (a victory for us!!)
    The majority of the players returned to the MECC club later in the evening, to celebrate –
    Their odd good shot…
    The putts that actually dropped…
    Their cruel strokes of bad luck, and…
    Their many reasons, for not scoring better than their handicap!!

    Well done all - the club salutes you!!

    Chris Bussau
    for the MECC

  • 22 May 2014 8:20 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

    Results Snooker Challenge MECC v. Sandy – held @ Sandringham Frid 16th May 2014

    Our team went to Sandringham buoyant - despite the last-minute withdrawal of Paul Abel through sickness.

    The team:


    Adam Hollyock

    Nigel Lowe

    Michael Edwards

    Chris Bussau


    Jules Cole/ Mathew Kirk

    Alex Wright/ Steve Byrne

    Prior to the game Ted, the Sandringham captain, requested to have time limits on the games.

    I asked for 45 minutes, but agreed to allowing Ted to put his requested time limit of 40 minutes.

    Certain members of our team disagreed with this decision, but it was too late to change.

    Adam & Michael were the 1st two games on the tables

    Adam played well against their no.1 player but was beaten in a completed game

    Michael was behind most of his game, but dug deep and won his match in a close one

    Nigel & Chris played the next two games

    Nigel was well behind but fought back to be only one point down (pink & black still on table) when the timer went, meaning a loss

    Chris was ahead by a good margin all of the game, but was snookered, and fell behind just as the timer went (blue, pink & black still on table) meaning a loss

    The two doubles were the last to be played – we needed both to win, in order to force a decider

    Alex & Steve teamed together, and playing very well as a team – won their game easily

    Jules & Kirky had nothing but bad luck in their game – several fouls & snookers meant a loss – they too were timed-out when making a comeback.

    The final result was a 2 – 4 loss

    As Captain, FULL responsibility is taken by me, for the loss.

    - both with the decision regarding timed games, and losing an un-loseable singles game.

    The Boys all played very well, and we would have had the win, we feel - had the games been allowed to be played out.

    The night was, as always a very enjoyable one

    The drive home would have been a lot better though, with the Cup in hand!!

    We now look to Preliminary Finals night in September when Sandy come to Mt Eliza

    We confidently assure our members – they will leave WITHOUT the Cup!!

    Chris Bussau

    Losing Captain

  • 29 Apr 2014 12:26 PM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

    Gentlemen and fellow Snooker players – the Catchup Comps are now the Caughtup Comps!!
    Well done to all who participated!!

    The 2013 results are as follows:
    Snooker Singles……………..Paul Abel
    Snooker H’Cap Singles….Adam Hollyock
    Snooker Doubles……………Tony Byrne/ Matty Troy
    Pool Singles……………………..Chris Bussau
    Pool Doubles…………………….Matty Troy/ Paul Abel
    Billiards……………………………Chris Bussau

    Most of the games were very close, right through the comps and including the finals.
    2014 Comps begin immediately in a more relaxed timetable. Please see fixtures on board and due dates that games are to be completed by.

    Chris B

  • 02 Apr 2014 10:10 AM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)

    Mt.Eliza Club Members Only Golf Day.

    In the past we have run our golf members event along with our guest day in October/November each year. This has proved to be a confusing day with trying to run all of our events along with guests also in attendance.
    As such the golf committee along with the club committee has decided on a new format. We are going to run our members only day in May and run a guest day still in October/November that will feature an ambrose event which I’m sure you will agree will be a more memorable day for both guests and members.

    The members day has been booked in at the picturesque Finders Golf Club on Friday May the 9th with a starting time of 12.00 through to 12.40.
    We will put up a sheet on the board for entries and also email a entry sheet to all members. So start thinking of a partner for your to join you on the day.
    Events will include:          Individual Stableford event
                                                    A 4BBB Stableford event (for which you require a partner)
                                                    Nearest the pins etc
    Cost:      $55 which includes your game of golf, finger food back at the club (hopefully around 6.00pm for presentations) and prizes.

    If you haven’t experienced a game at Flinders before you are in for a treat. Magnificent views over both Bass Straight and Western Port and a course that at present is in excellent condition.

    Further to our 2 golf days mentioned above we also have our annual challenge against the Sandringham Club. This year being played on Friday 30th May at Metropolitan Golf club. So we are really being spoilt by the standard of Clubs we are able to get access to. More details regarding this day will follow but sure to mark it in your diary now. Over the years neither club has won an away game so this year we are going to break the trend.

    Should you have any queries about any of the days please see either Matt Troy, Chris Bussau or Craig Wells.

    Good golfing and we look forward to seeing you on the day. Be sure to register early for both the Members Day 9th May and the Sandringham Day 30th May!!

  • 25 Mar 2014 3:58 PM | Matthew Troy (Administrator)
    A taxing and late night last night
    Thanks to everyone’s co-operation we managed to finish most of the 2012 comps…
    - all remaining comps are to finishing stage – ALL will be completed before next Monday
    Just one more catchup year before we are back on schedule!!
    Below are the Draws for the 2013 comps, to be held over the next 4 Mondays
    Starts Mon 31st March – finishes Mon 21st April (with a possible Finals night on a 5th Monday - 28th April).
    All players are again encouraged to arrange games outside of the Mondays, if possible, to free-up the tables.
    Games have completion dates starting from the second Monday – games not completed at each stage will be forfeited.
    Check the draws on the notice board to see what stage has to be completed by the required date:
    Completion stages are:
    Monday 7th April
    Monday 14th April
    Monday 21st April
    2013 Snooker Singles Championship
    Geoff v. Michael
    Jules v. Kirky (winner to play Chappy)
    Davo v. Paul K (winner to play Youngy)
    Tony v. Dennis
    Alex v. Jamie
    Steve v. Jim (winner to play Shane)
    Nigel v. Adam (winner to play Matty)
    Chris B v. Paul A
    2013 Snooker H’Cap Singles
    Davo (20) v. Paul A (15)
    Geoff (15) v. Youngy (35) (winner to play Matty (20)
    Jim (20) v. ChrisB (-) (winner to play Nigel (-)
    Adam (15) v. Chappy (15)
    Michael (-) v. Paul K (15)
    Shane (5) v. Jules (20) (winner to play Steve (20)
    Dennis (10) v. Tony (20) (winner to play Jamie (10)
    Kirky (20) v. Alex (5)
    2013 Snooker Doubles
    Youngy/Davo (55) v. Alex/Dennis (15)
    Chappy/Jim (35) v. Jules/Adam (35)
    ChrisB/Kirky (20) v. PaulA/Steve (35)
    Tony/Matty (40) v. Michael/Nigel (-)
    2013 Pool Singles
    Michael v. Chappy (winner to play Steve)
    Jules v. Shane
    Alex v. Youngy
    Adam v. Kirky
    Matty v. Dennis
    Davo v. Paul K
    Nigel v. Paul A
    Jim v. Tony (winner to play ChrisB)
    2013 Pool Doubles
    Jim/Steve v. Nigel/Adam
    Matty/Paul A v. Jules/ Tony
    Michael/Dennis v. ChrisB/Youngy
    Shane/Chappy v Davo/PaulK (winner to play Kirky/Alex)
    2013 Billiards
    Dennis v. Michael
    Alex v. Paul A
    Geoff v. Chappy
    Youngy v. Chris B
    Good luck everyone!!
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